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What is family therapy?

Family Therapy, also known as Systemic Psychotherapy, is a way of working with people to enable them to make changes and understand difficulties in the different contexts in which they may occur, whether that be in relation to family, friends, work or school.

The focus of the work is to help family members to explore difficult feelings and understand and appreciate each person’s perspective so that together they can come to an agreed solution.

Family therapy focuses on understanding the relationships between each other rather than focusing on one individual who may be seen as 'the problem'.

We know that when one person is struggling in a family this is likely to impact and affect the day to day lives of everyone living together, which is why the focus is on the relationship with each other and not just on one person. We have seen the strength that families working together can bring to seemingly very 'stuck' difficulties. Although it is very helpful to understand difficulties and how they have come about, family therapists like to introduce new ideas and ways of thinking and doing that can bring about helpful change. Family therapy is a collaborative process which uses the strengths and ideas already in the family but which can be hard to access when things feel stuck.

Family therapy is about having a trusted relationship with a therapist/s that is safe and open and where difficult worries can be expressed without fear of being blamed or the therapist taking sides.

If you would like to have a discussion about whether family therapy might be helpful for you or your family please do call or email us.     

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